It's Episode 3 of the Pro Wrestling History Podcast! Have you ever wanted to learn MORE about pro wrestling? Whether you're a new fan looking to dip your toes into this wonderful world, or an old-school fan who just loves hear Pro Wrestling stories, we want this to be a fun ride for everyone! Join Gary, The Doctor Rob Stinson & Wil Martin as the investigate, educate & deep-dive into the magnificent history of the ONE TRUE SPORT, Professional Wrestling! 

In This Episode: It's Part 3 of learning where it all began. The first great rivalry in professional wrestling also featured the first great controversies, screwy finishes and trash talk. When you really want to break down pro wrestling, you HAVE to discuss Frank Gotch vs George Hackenschmidt, and that's what we're doing today!  It's the history of Pro Wrestling! Come Hang out with us. 


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